Yeppoon is a town on the Capricorn Coast of Capricornia (Central Queensland), about 30 minutes drive north-east of Rockhampton.Yeppoon is a tropical beach-side town at the northern end of the Capricorn Coast of Central Queensland. Located just slightly north of the Tropic of Capricorn, Yeppoon has a very mild climate, with January temperatures of 24 to 29 degrees, and July temperatures of 12 to 21 degrees.Yeppoon faces the beautiful Keppel Islands which are about 15 km off the coast. In more recent years, it has gradually become a suburban area of Rockhampton, a city about 40 km to the south-west. There is a string of beach-side developments stretching for about 20 km along the Capricorn Coast, southwards to the township of Emu Park, at the southern end. There are many sandy beaches and a causeway lake in the region.About 40 km, or 25 minutes by car, from Rockhampton. Suburban bus services, run by Young’s Bus Service, run every hour or so to the area, including services to the marina wharf area at Roslyn Bay.The closest main airport is at Rockhampton.Great Keppel Island

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