Yaounde is the capital of Cameroon.The flight schedules to Yaoundí and Europe have been reduced in the past few years, and today (2018) there only direct flights to Paris, Brussels, and Istanbul. Most flights to and from Europe first descend in Douala. These flights frequently continue on to Yaounde and do not require passengers to disembark. Alternately, one could get off in Douala and take one of the numerous bus or train services to reach Yaounde (a 3-4 hour ride).Trains are usually used to move cargo from the southern provinces to the northern provinces. There are passenger services that run daily from Yaounde to the Adamawa province.It’s really worth getting the ‘prestige’ service if you’re coming from Douala. If for no other reason than the seatbealts, it’s worth the splurge, but take a jumper incase they crank the air-con.City busses do exist, but shared taxis are the way to go. They will slow down for you to call your destination, and beep to say yes. The price is fixed at 200CFA, unless you’re travelling a long way, or if you’re not going far, you can try calling “cent francs” and your destination.The city’s not really set up for tourists, but some fun things to see are the Mvog Betsi zoo (primates and lions, with a kids’ playground), the Mokolo market (very big and in-your-face), Mont Febe, or maybe the swimming pools of some of the hotels.The city centre houses government offices, some hotels, and the central market. The Bastos neighbourhood, with most homes owned by Cameroonians, is home to foreign embassies and the expatriate European community (drawn mainly from the diplomatic corps). The presidential palace and compound is in the Etoudi neighborhood.Also found in Yaoundí are:There is a small zoo in the Mvog-Betsi neighbourhood. Yaoundí has a small assortment of nightclubs and restaurants.If you’re volunteering with an NGO, make sure that you’ve verified its credibility with an independent source. A good way can be to look at the NGO’s partner organisations

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