Travel to Traralgon in Australia. Traralgon is a city in the Latrobe Valley of Central Gippsland, Victoria.Pop was ~30,000 circa 1996.Train V/Line – is probably the easiest way to get into Traralgon from Melbourne.Traralgon by taking the Yallourn exit and passing through Tyres and Glengary. Come out at Heyfield before continuing on towards you’re intended destination.Um… grass, cows?nothingDowntown is small, but bustling, with a shopping centre surrounded by numerous small shops with awesome jewelery shops in the local plaza. Nothing special, but a few interesting things can be found.Traralgon is well known throughout the state as a genuinely refreshing, and interesting, place to let loose, country style. Favourite local watering holes include the Saloon Bar at the bottom of Kay Street, where old classics and top 40s music is played well in to the morning. A huge dance floor and great beergarden make for a delightful evening’s entertainment. There’s also a deer head in the bar above the smaller dance floor, which speaks volumes of the townsfolk, as well as a couple of large mirrors opposite the main bar for the salmon-tinged, collar up t-shirt wearing country boys.If it’s a bogan infested, snooker playing, guaranteed broken jaw kind of setting you’re after, then perhaps Ryan’s Hotel would be your place of preference. Recently renovated, the Hotel has undertaken quite a change of crowd in recent years, with Friday nights now primarily catering for a younger, more energetic crowd. Violence is still peaking in this venue, though everyone knows everyone anyway, so as long as you didn’t sleep with Bazza’s sister, or steal Wazza’s parents lambs, you should be pretty safe. Great DJ also.If you just want a decent Irish bar, go to Flanagan’s, located on the corner of Hotham Street and the Princess Highway. Regular alcoholics rule the roost at this local favourite, though they are a friendly bunch, and a large number of poker machines sit adjacent to the building, awaiting your every last cent. A great beergarden is also a feature of this There is no need for an early rise out here. Unless you were lucky enough to find some work on a local farm, whereby you would have no choice but to set the alarm for 3.30AM.Truths aside, Traralgon has an almost unneccesary amount of local hotels, and a shortage of beds is not a local issue.This is probably the best thing to do after arriving..

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