Travel to Thargomindah in Australia. Thargomindah is a town in south western Queensland. Locally, the town is known as Thargo. Standing in Thargomindah it is easy to see the grand vision of Australia’s pioneers. Where every corner of the continent would be settled, and the outback areas would flourish with rich sheep properties. Thargomindah is remote today, yet was planned as a grand town in the 1870’s.Skytrans fly to Thargomindah twice weekly from Brisbane via Cunnamulla.The town is accessible via sealed road from Cunnamulla via Eulo. The sealed section is one lane wide in places, meaning that you must pull one wheel off onto the gravel to pass oncoming traffic. From New South Wales via well formed but unsealed road from Bourke via Hungerford.The town is fairly small, only a few blocks in each direction. It is only 1km walk from the Airport to the centre of town. Cars seem to be allowed everywhere. Only the main road is sealed, and the other roads are indicated by street signs, but often it isn’t really clear where the road ends and when the dirt begins.Needless to say there is no public transport in town.There are a few accommodation choices in Thargo. That said, if there is a local event, like a wedding, it is entirely possible for all the accommodation in town to be booked out. Check with the place you are intending to stay, and they will tell you if there is going to be room without the need to make a confirmed booking.There are two payphones in town, one outside the Post Office. The post office is open M-F, and Saturday mornings until 11AM.If you keep going west, who knows where you might end up, eventually Innamincka, in South Australia, the road just keeps going. Back east, to Eulo and the Currawinya National Park, and the relative civilisation of Cunnamulla.Traveling west very quickly becomes a lonely experience. Thargomindah is in many ways the last outpost of civilisation. If you continue west from there, you’re on your own in many ways until you reach Innamincka. While the road is fairly well trafficked, if you have a breakdown or run out of fuel, you may very easily find yourself stuck for several hours or overnight until help arrives. As a minimum, carry plenty of drinking water.

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