Tallahassee is the capital city of Florida, the United States. It is an inland city in the Florida Panhandle. In addition to the state government, it is a university town, housing the 1993, 1999, and 2013 National Champion Florida State University and Florida A&M University . Tallahassee has a good selection of restaurants for a city of its size. The universities’ theater, art, and music programs, in addition to an active Council of Culture and Arts , also make for an unusually vibrant arts scene. Check the weather forecast for Tallahassee from NOAA.Tallahassee may be in Florida, but that does not always mean its warm. Beacause of its Northern Panhandle location, winters in Tallahassee have cold nights with cool days (lows in 30s F, highs in 60s F), so be sure to pack some coats and scarves. Lows of 10 degrees F are not uncommon in January, and the coldest temperature in the city is -2 degrees F. Snow is stil rare

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