Travel to Swan Hill in Australia. Swan Hill is in the North West corner of Victoria, Australia. Nestled on the banks of the Murray River at the heart of a fertile agricultural region, Swan Hill is a great destination for outdoor activities, good food and wine.Swan Hill was named by European explorer Major Thomas Mitchell, who visited in 1836. Since then, fortunes have been made here. Swan Hill is an historic town. In 1853 Francis Cadell in his Paddle Steamer Lady Augusta navigated the Murray from its mouth in South Australia reaching Swan Hill, his farthest point upstream. The boat was welcomed by the whole of the town’s population – 12 people. The town grew up around the punt crossing, as it was the only crossing of the Murray within 100 km. Robert O’Hara Burke and William Wills crossed the Murray here in 1860. The punt operated until 1896 until it was superseded by a bridge.
The Murray River affects the livelihood and well-being of millions of Australians, both urban and rural dwellers. Products of the Murray irrigations are consumed by Australians every day. As well as its economic importance to agriculture and industry, the Murray is a resource of immense environmental and social value. Its waters maintain over 2,520 kilometres of unique aquatic and riparian environment which has evolved over millions of years.

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