Travel to Sidi Bel Abbes in Algeria. Sidi Bel Abbas is a city in Northwest Algeria. Sidi Bel Abbes is the commercial center of an important area of vineyards, market gardens, orchards, and grain fields. Nicknamed “The little Paris” It is surrounded by a wall with four gates. It is 75 kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea.Sidi Bel Abbes province is divided into 15 districts (daaras), which are further divided into 52 communes or municipalities. There was also the dome, built in 1954 to serve the wholesale market for fruits and vegetables, and public garden containing rare species introduced from layout and a set of equipment. For those who want to drink spirituality and ancient wisdom, there many brotherhoods such as El Aissaouia, Eddarkaouya El Ulwya and Tidjania located in Ras El Ma. Many delegations come to stop. Religious tourism is a major trend that transforms the global travel industry. An estimated 330 million the number of passengers who fly every year to sacred sites and places of pilgrimage. Traditionally reserved for devout practitioners leading a strict religious approach this market now affects people eager for new experiences and motivated by different aspirations. Like religion, religious tourism is becoming more individualized, is a reflection of a more modern religiosity and a more contemporary spirituality. Thus, Sidi Bel Abbes can surf three products: urban tourism, ecological tourism, spiritual tourism. Sidi Bel Abbes is well connected to other Algerian cities by roads and railroads. Oran is 70 kilometers north and Tlemcen is 90 kilometers west of Sidi Bel Abbas. The closest airport is Es Senia Airport in Oran.

Airport: BFW Sidi Bel Abbes Airport Cities in Algeria

Country: Algeria