Travel to Shkoder in Albania. Shkodra is the fourth largest city in Albania. Recently, it has experienced a face lift as streets and buildings were renovated, a promenade opened and a new swing bridge built over Buna River. Queen Teuta’ Illryan kingdom was based here in the 3rd century. The Ottomans laid siege to the city in 1473 and 1479, losing 14,000 and 30,000 men in these raids, respectively. Shkodra changed hands with Montenegro numerous times during World War I.

Shkodra was badly damaged during an earthquake in 1979. Finding your way round Shkodra is complicated by the fact that recently ALL roads have been renamed, and some of the old names have even been re-used in different places! All roads have got new road signs. Since all the maps and guides (including this one) give the old names, finding your way round is a bit like being in a parallel universe.Shkodra is the bike capital of Albania, because its flat. This is a heritage from the Hoxha-era.See also Albanian Alps.

Shkodra is famous for its numerous patisseries where you can eat delicious sweets.Local beers “Korça” or “Tirana” and the famous Albanian spirit called Raki

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