Suva (population 141,000) is the capital of Fiji.Suva is on southeast coast of the “main island” of Fiji, Viti Levu. Suva became the capital of Fiji in 1877. Fiji’s tallest building, the Reserve Bank of Fiji Building, is in Suva.The Fiji School of Medicine and one of the three campuses of the University of the South Pacific are in Suva.Suva tends to be the major commercial and political centre of Fiji, which Nadi is the major tourist centre.While dress is less conservative in the city than the villages, women should dress fairly modestly (ie shirts for men, no bare stomachs for women).Nausori International Airport, also known as Luvuluvu, is located 23 km away (30-45 minute) from Suva. Fiji Airways runs regular flights to and from Nadi as well as other islands. There is also direct flights a couple of times a week to Auckland.Use a taxi as they are affordable and easy to access. The local buses are also straightforward and cost only 70 cents.Suva Municipal Market Right in Suva town are these fruit and vegetable markets. Sells all kinds of different tropical fruit and veges.Municipal Handicraft Centre To the left of the fruit and vege markets are the Suva handicraft markets. Rows full of Fijian wooden carvings, straw goods and Fijian handicraft souvenirs. Don’t be afraid to bargain with the shop owners for a better price!The Fiji Museum costs $7 FJ, a nice place to get the history of Fiji and see artifacts from all around the South Pacific.Make sure you see a local rugby match if possible.Hike to waterfalls, swim in the pools and fling off the rope swing at Colo-i-Suva Forest Reserve.There are very little beach-related pastimes in Suva, though there are some beaches used by locals on the east side of the peninsula. If you want to lie by a pool by the seaside, your best bet is to have lunch at the Holiday Inn then use their pool.The local cinema (the Damodar next to Tapoo) plays current Hollywood and Bollywood blockbusters. Tickets are relatively inexpensive (FJ$6.50 for adults). Buy tickets on the right-hand side of the building before going in. The theatres are air-conditioned so are a good way to pass a hot afternoon.Besides handicrafts, tourist t-shirts and bula shirts, interesting shopping is fairly limited. However, if you’re doing an extended trip to remote places, it is a good place to stock up on things from the grocery store (biggest one at MHCC) and the chemist.The Indian influence from the significant population in Suva is evident in the food. The Indian food is town is authentic, tasty, and good value.For something upscale, try a restaurant inside one of the fancier Suva hotels, such as the Tanoa Plaza, the Southern Cross, or the Holiday Inn. For a quick economical meal in pleasant surroundings, go to the food court upstairs at the Harbour Centre and choose from a great variety of local and Chinese dishes (and you get to look before you buy) and sit and enjoy the view, or get a sack of fish and chips and sit by the waterfront or at the botanical garden.There are food courts at the top of MHCC and Tapoo. They offer excellent value for money and can be very good.Suva does have several western-style fast-food outlets available, including two McDonald’s.Suva is a friendly city, but there are some pickpockets and thieves. Avoid people who approach you asking for your name and country. They often want to lead you to a shop and then try to sell you some overpriced souvenirs they have handcraft themselves. Prices for their goods are very overpriced, and never purchase anything from these places.Do not let anyone lead you off to another location to see something such as a ship from your country as this is an scam to isolate you and put you in a weak position, You will later encounter something such as a robbery. Offers of anything free are probably not, even in friendly Fiji.

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