Roseau is the capital city of Dominica and has many restaurants, small shops and wonderful views of the mountains (to the east) and the Caribbean Sea (to the west).Melville Hall Airport( DOM ), Dominica’s largest airport, 2 miles north west of Marigot, 38 miles from Roseau. The smaller Canefield Airport is only 3 miles from Roseau. Four Airlines currently serve Melville Hall Airport:Very reasonably priced buses, (in the form of mini buses) that travel around most of the island can be boarded in Roseau. Destinations are not usually posted on the front, but local people are very helpful and can tell you where the bus stops are for each town.Sundays in Roseau are very quiet and more store-fronts (and many restaurants) are closed. Best to plan for a nature-day on Sundays. However, make sure your transportation is planned because buses and taxis will either not be operating or at much less frequency.Highlights for travellers in Roseau include the Saturday morning market near where the Roseau River meets the Caribbean Sea. The market vendors start setting up very early (before dawn) to ensure they get good stall locations and snacks can be had by revellers returning late from Friday night festivities. The market is a great place to buy frsh fruit, seafood, and spices. There is less variety but still good prices for vegetables, meat and goods.Dining in Roseau is centered around Creole fare with an emphasis on fresh local herbs and freshly caught seafood. Even the French, Italian and Chinese dining includes a little creole flavor to satisfy the local palette.Fast food franchise restaurants KFC and Pizza Hut each have one branch in Roseau.Roseau is littered with establishments colloquially called “Rum shops” that mostly sell beer, but also have rum and whisky. The local beer is Kubuli, but other Caribbean brands like Carib and Red Stripe are also very popular. Many restaurants in the city boast well-stocked bars with liquor from around the globe and tropical cocktail menus.Fresh juice is also popular and is usually dictated by whatever fruit is in season.

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