Qusar (or Gusar) is a city in Northeastern Azerbaijan.Qusar is located in Northeastern Azerbaijan. It is the city center of the Qusar rayon. Khachmaz rayon borders its eastern border. Quba rayon is to the south, and Gabala rayon shares a small border portion between Russia and Quba rayon. Russia forms it northern border. Qusar rayon holds a population of 82500 people many of which are ethnic Lezgins. This is also true for the city. Lezgins are a proud people with a rich heritage from centuries of living in the Greater Caucasus Mountains. Their traditions are often similar to those of Azeris, but they have stylistic differences in food and dance. They have their own language. This can often be heard in surrounding small, isolated towns as the predominate language. Many people in Gusar can speak Lezgi, the official language is Azeri, but most people speak Russian as their second or third language. You can find English speakers, but it is rare. As a foreigner, it will be assumed that you speak Russian.Gusar is nested in the Greater Caucasus Mountains. Winter temperatures often plummet below freezing. Summers are mild and a very popular place for those living in Baku.You can arrive with regular buses from Baku. Average price is 6-8 AZN per person depending on type of the transport. The train connection is available at Khudat, the city in south-west, from there you can arrive to Qusar on buses. There’s no active airport in the city.This region claims some of the best hiking in Azerbaijan. Unfortunately, this is an untapped business. Bring your supplies with you. You won’t find outdoor stores or gear in Qusar.Be warned shepherd’s dogs are big and fierce! Try to avoid shepherd camps and flocks. The dogs will consider you a danger to the flock.Here are some popular routes:Nearby DestinationsAniqKhinaliqKhudatQubaLaza

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