Travel to Queanbeyan in Australia. Queanbeyan is a city in New South Wales that could almost be considered a suburb of Canberra. It is a short 15 minute drive from Canberra and features several tourist highlights.There is a large tourism information centre in town, offering information on Queanbeyan, and wherever you may be heading to next.Queanbeyan lies to the southeast of Canberra.The Canberra to Sydney train] stops at Queanbeyan twice daily in each direction.By car, from Sydney or Melbourne follow the signs to Canberra, and then turn off to Queanbeyan shortly before arriving. It is not necessary to go through Canberra at all.By plane, Canberra airport is as close to Queanbeyan as it is to Canberra.Canberra’s bus network does not extend into Queanbeyan. Deanes bus service offer buses to Canberra Civic and to Canberra Woden, at least every hour. You can interchange with the Canberra bus network at Civic.

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