Qakh is a city in Azerbaijan’s Sheki Region.Gakh is the second region in Azerbaijan for its nature, forests and waters. It’s located at the west slopes of Caucasus mountains. Here, it’s very good region for tourism. The climate is very cool. In Gakh, there are many monuments, museums, parks, and gardens. Some villages are very good for resting. These include: Saribash, Chinarli, Khum, Lekit, Ilisu, Agchay, Gakhbash and others. ilisu is the most popular village of Gakh. There was “ilisu Sutanligi” before. There are many historical monuments is ilisu such as Sumuk (Sumu) Qala, Shamil (Sheyk Shamil, who was the great leader of the fighters against Russian occupation) Qala, ilisu Mescidi and etc. ilisu has excellent nature. On every side of this village, there are green and tall mountains Greater Caucasus. There are some waterfalls, too. In other words, ilisu is very nice place for tourism. By the way, there some hotels such as ULUDAG, YASIL PARK, HACIXANA, and etc.Ilisu Pansionati22AZN per person+3 time mealThis is an area 5 km North of Qax with various hotels, resorts, restaurants, cottages, and tea houses. Bus Routes

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