Port Louis is the capital of Mauritius.From the International Airport, head north-west and follow the signs “Port-Louis” (Port-Louis is at the opposite side of the island, about a two hour drive).The city of Port-Louis has played a leading part in the struggle between the French and British occupation (1735-1935) and was considered during that period as `the star and the key of the Indian Ocean`. There are many historical places and buildings to visit. It is also one of the best place to learn and appreciate more about the Mauritian cultures and traditions.Visit the Caudan Waterfront, a meeting place for teenagers and young lovers, which is comprised of a shopping centre, kiddyland and a huge food court offering most cuisines.If you want to have a glimpse of Mauritian life, go to the Port-Louis Market where varieties of exotic food, fruits and other items are sold. There you will meet Mauritians from all over the country who have come to shop.Port-Louis is famous in Mauritius for the low price of clothes sold there. Imported from China or India, or made locally, the articles sold in Port-Louis really offer value for money. You can easily get something of your choice from the numerous hawkers found all along the streets in the city.Mauritian food is pure abundance of savoury international flavors, including but not limited to delicious Creole curries, cuisines from all over Africa, Southeast Asia and India, and an abundance of fresh seafood that has never been frozen or shipped on an airplane. All of that, and more!Blue Mauritius Rum, a very special world-recognized liquor.There are also many highly acclaimed white rums, including spiced,vanilla, and coffee.Quality Merlot from local wineries.Also look for Lagrein and Diamond wines.Award winning Mauritian Phoenix Pale Ale and beer,locally called ‘spider beer’.Other fine beers: Mauritius Blue Marlin European Strong Lager, Mauritius Malta Guinness,Mauritius Guinness Foreign Extra Stout.Many spirits from India, Asia, Europe and Africa, traditional and modern, can be found easily.An excellent line of fruit based soft drinks are made in Mauritius.Consulates can be located for most countries in Mauritius.

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Country: Mauritius