Travel to Port Hedland in Australia. Port Hedland is in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The Port is the largest export Port in the world with Iron Ore accounting for the majority of exports.BHP Billiton is the largest operator in Port Hedland with 8 berths. Fortescue Metals currently has 3 operatinal berths, and a fourth berth under construction, due to be completed in early 2013. A number of Iron Ore juniors have plans to open berths in Port Hedland over the coming years.Port Hedland also exports Salt and Copper with the Port Hedland Port Authority having 4 common user berths utilised by a number of smaller mining companies.Port Hedland has an international airport and flights from Perth are frequent. There are also Direct flights from Melbourne and Brisbane once a week, and twice weekly service (saturday and Sunday) direct to Bali, Indonesia.A small bar is available in the departures lounge with an alfresco area which caters to smokers.Due to the large tidal range in the area (up to 7m in Spring Tides), Port Hedland has many mangrove lined tidal creeks around town that present excellent fishing and crabbing opportunities.Whilst at High tide the water can easily be accessed for swimming and the beaches quite inviting, visitors must be cautious as Saltwater Crocodiles and Sharks are frequently spotted. In the hotter months when the water warms up a number of dangerous marine creatures including stonefish, blue ring octopus and box jellyfish are also present.The Port Hedland visitors centre should be contacted to see what tours are operating as it may be possible to tour both BHP and FMG’s Port Operations.Due to the large influx of workers and shortage of places to eat in town, unfortunately prices to eat out have been greatly increased. It is suggested that you purchase supplies before arriving in Port Hedland.Contact the Port Hedland visitors centre for options.Note: As at mid 2012 accomodation is at a severe shortage in Port Hedland and as a result prices extremely high. It is recommended to book well in advance.

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Country: Australia