Travel to Permet in Albania. Permet is a city in Southeastern Albania.The greenest and the cleanest town in Albania, also known as the “city of roses.” The small town of Permet is famous for its folk music and renown clarinetists Laver Bariu and Gezim Duralliu, literature personalities, and the good cooking, especially sweets, the so called ‘gliko’, or preserves. You will be served good wine and raki in Permet and around.

The thing to do in Permet is to climb a big rock, it’s very near to the center of the town, it’s called the rock of town looking over the town and Vjosa river.

Përmet is known for its cuisine, particularly the many different types of jam (reçel) and kompot (komposto), and the production of local wine and raki.

The most important mountains around Permet are: Nëmërçkë 2485 m, Dhëmbel 2080 m and Trebeshina 1922 m. A small town, surrounded by mountains, rivers and countryside

The albanian city for extreme sports

Rafting, Mountain Bike, Hiking and Climbing are some of activities for extreme tourism in Albania</>

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