Ouidah is a city in Southern Benin.Ouidah is a city that lies on the Atlantic coast. The site a UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List and is the spiritual capital of the Voodoo religion.Tourist attractions in Ouidah include a restored mansion of Brazilian slavers the Maison du Brísil art gallery, a voodoo python temple, an early twentieth century basilica and the Sacred Forest of Kpasse, dotted with bronze statues.The Route des Esclaves, by which slaves were taken to the beach, has numerous statues and monuments, including the Door of No Return, a memorial arch.The Market Center of Ouidah, which was established by Scouts more than 20 years ago, trains young people in agricultural skills, thus helping to reverse the exodus towards the cities.Good Marquis at Gbena (Name?) They offer salad, roasted turkey, chicken, and fish, and African staples (rice and pate). (Tell Zem Marquis Gbena)Amicale Sometimes Ouidah can wear on you. Go to Amicale next to the basilica. The couple that owns it are so nice, you ll come back just for the company. They have schwarma, hamburgers, ice cream, fish, chicken, and an Ivorian specialty called Atcheke. Drinks are a little more expensive than at buvettes. Catí Pache Some of the best fish in Ouidah. Don t order of the menu, ask them what s good. If you go in a group, you can negotiate to share a large fish. Sides include fries, legumes, and rice. (Tell Zem Restaurant en face d EPP Bresil  if they don t know Cotí peche  Le Jardin Secret This is supposed to be very good food. It s secluded, but there are signs on the highway. It s also a hotel and offers moto and bike rental.

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