Ouagadougou is the capital of the West African nation of Burkina Faso. Dominant Mossi ethnicity, but many other ethnicities are also here (Samo, Gourounsi, Lobi, etc).Languages spoken: French, Moore, some Jula (derivative of Bambara).Ouaga is served by its main international airport Ouagadougou Airport which is situated within the city center. The distance from the airport to the United Nations roundabout is no more than a 3 minute taxi ride. A shared taxi, the green ones, should cost no more than 500CFA, but many will ask for 1000CFA.The airport is small airport. There are very few major carriers that travel to Ouaga. Air France and Brussels Airlines are two European airlines that offer flights to Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Also Air Burkina, Royal Air Maroc and Afriqiyah Airways offer connections from Europe (though don’t travel on Afriqiyah if you have an Israeli stamp in your passport), and Ethiopian Airways offer connections from Asia. There is Railway from Abidjan (CI) to Ouaga that runs three times a week in each direction. Details on the track can be found on Wikipedia.In September 2017 the following information was received from the railway staff:The small green taxi cabs (“taxi vert”)travel on set routes throughout the city, most commonly to and from the large central market (French: Grand Marchí, Moore: Rood Wooko), and a trip along this route has a set price of 300CFA during the day. At night, you’ll have to bargain, but you should be able to get a trip on a set route for around 500CFA. If you want a taxi to deviate from its route, even if just by a few blocks, the price can rise substantially. When transporting people who seem unfamiliar with the city, even after negotiating a price, it’s not uncommon for a cab driver to offer to take you to turn off the route to take you to your door without telling you that this will make the price skyrocket.Be prepared to share the cab with as many people as can be crammed in (4 passengers in the back is not uncommon). Be aware, that if you are loaded up with bags in the middle of the night and wanting to get to a far away destination, cabbies will try to milk you for as much as possible. In addition if you are obviously a foreigner or unfamiliar with the city, cab drivers will try to charge you more. If the price seems outrageous try saying “Ya nasara ligidi” (That’s the white person money, or even better “Ya nassara kosgo” (That’s the white person price). If you can surprise the driver/make him laugh, he’ll likely ask less. Another option are the yellow cabs (“taxi jaune”) which run on a meter and are more expensive. However, they’re reliable, you won’t have to share them with others, and offer door-to-door service. They can be called 24/7 at (+226) They’re a great option if you’re trying to get somewhere late at night and can’t find a green taxi.Crafts/Shopping:Groceries:Bookstores:Tailors:Film developing:Most larger cafís have food in the afternoons and evenings, but here are a few notables from the recommendations of Bobo Stage Goers and others:AfricanAfrican vegan – Ouagadougou boasts the 4 vegan restaurants of Burkina FasoEthiopianIndianItalianMiddle EasternChineseAmericanVietnameseFrenchAll usually ~ 250 CFA per plate on the street, depending on quantity or if there is meat: Rice and Beans (Benga), Rice and Sauce (Riz Sauce), To and sauce, Atteike, Spaghetti, Rice and tomato sauce (Riz Gras), Snacks- Peanuts and dates everywhere, semi-easy to find dried mangoes.There are many bars. Here are the favorites from the Bobo Stagieres (these are all bars you can dance in):Post Office:Internet:Loads of touts, purse snatchers and faux types at the Grand Marche. Don’t go without local assistance.If you are a foreign woman, don’t tell anyone (except trusted friends) where you are staying unless you want everyone you meet to show up at your hotel or home.When travelling, take the STMB busses

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