Oranjestad is a city in Aruba. Oranjestad consists of hundreds of local stores where tourists usually buy their keepsakes. The city also is home to some of the island’s local residents and also many governmental buildings. Along the main “drag” (Sasakiweg street) you will find most tourist walking around and shopping and can also see the cruise ships that bring more and more external tourism into the island everyday. Close to the cruise ships is the island’s largest marina where (if you are a sailor/yachtsmen) you can find great docking space for your vessel.BEAUTIFUL….. This word alone expresses the weather one will experience in Aruba and in Oranjestad to be exact. For example with an average temperature of 82 degrees Fahrenheit (28 degrees Celsius” (Visit Aruba.com) Also furthering the picture perfect weather one needs not to worry about the [possibility of a rainy day. Although there are some cloudy days on average most days have only a small drizzle in the morning or evening and the rest of the day is filled with sunshine. For example the average rain per month is any where from 60-70mm per month. Traveling to Oranjestad on the island of Aruba you are sure to have a holiday filled with beautiful tropical like weather.To get into the downtown one may suggest a simple bike ride on a nice windy day. If the heat is too harsh, a cab ride is more than sufficient as the fare usually is only 8-15 American dollars. I would personally recommend a cab ride over the busing because it is much easier and a cab is always outside all of the resorts. Oranjestad is a fun place for water activities such as snorkeling, boat rides, parasailing and fishing.Also of course the average tourist must take part in the shopping in Oranjestad. Most stores do not have quality products however (excluding the famous jewelry stores) and mostly only sell nicknack’s and the typical keepsakes. As to the vast amount of jewelry stores around the island most finds prices much lower than when compared to the United States. One can find great deals on diamonds and precious metals and when many return home and appraise their purchases they are valued usually much higher than the purchase price. The Overall leading attraction that Oranjestad holds is its’ natural beauty. The overwhelming reasoning behind why most of the tourist traveling in Aruba visit Oranjestad is for the Caribbean sea and white beaches. There are many carnivals, festivals, and parades that take place throughout the year. The Paddock has a view of the cruise ships, and the lunch special state (skewers) are reasonably priced.Due to the proximity of ostrich farms, ostrich related foods, including ostrich burgers are widely available.The drink of Aruba is Balashi Beer. It is the most popular and most widely drank alcoholic product on the island. The beer is brewed on the island and is an Aruban product. When visiting the island one must have at least one of these beers as a way to get the “local flavor” of the island.When one thinks of hospitality they think of high rise large scale resorts. however in Oranjestad you can have a great carefree experience at either a small family owned hotel or a resort such as Marriott or Hyatt.

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