Nyaungdon city is situated in Ayeyarwaddy Division, south-west Myanmar. It is so popular for its glittering pagodas, country based tourism and Nyaung Chaung tha Resort.There are many fresh food and delicious sea food. Many local leisure visitors come there for recreation, adventure and many activities. All of the food in there are not expensive and immediately can buy anything that you like. On the way of Yangon to Nyaungdon, you can see many beautiful fields and Vegetables. Many green environments attract any visitors to come again.It takes 2hours from Yangon to Nyaungdon.Many innovative activities, programs and it also collects the entrance fees. At Nyaung Chaung Tha resort, there are many relxable chairs, fresh and delicious sea food and we do not need to take a bath after swimming because it is not a saulty water. The local visitors are mostly there in the hot season. The beach is not artifical and established only in the hot season and there is just water in the rainy season. Therefore, the situation of the beach can change according to the season.In Nyaungdon, there are two market place and we can get fresh fish, vegetables, fruits, Myanmar Traditional food and other delicious local food.We can also taste the natural beauty of fields and local people.

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