Travel to Nuremberg (German: Nurnberg) is a city in the German state of Bavaria, in the administrative region of Middle Franconia. The principal attractions are in the center of the city.

Some things to do in this city is go to the south bank of the Pegnitz River where you can find some markets and go around to find St Lorenz Church. This church is a World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO. This church is a gothic architecture with stained glass windows and sculptures. They regularly play concerts where visitor can listen classical music played on one of the largest organs in Europe.

Other of the popular attractions in the city is “The Beautiful Fountain” that has the myth that if you found a ring and spin it three times you may get some luck.

Other of the most famous attractions in Nuremberg is the Imperial Castle located in the North West. This castle is a testimony of the power of the Holy Roman Empire. If you go up stairs of this middle age castle, you would find one of the best views on the city of Nuremberg

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