Montevideo is the pleasant capital city of Uruguay, a country in South America. It is situated on the east bank of the Rio de la Plata and is the southernmost capital city in South America. Montevideo was founded in 1724. For much of its early history, the city consisted of what is now known as the Ciudad Vieja (Old Town). By the mid-19th century the city began to grow eastward towards what is now known as Centro. The demolition of the old fort that used to mark the eastern boundary of Old Town enabled the construction of what is now Plaza Independencia. Eventually Boulevard Artigas was built around Centro, but by 1910, suburbs were already developing beyond it which were later annexed into the growing city. Carrasco International Airport (IATA: MVD) is about 15 km east of the city center, in the suburb of Carrasco in the department of Canelones. The airport is linked to the city center via major four-lane divided arterial roads. Route 101 (the national highway running by the airport) terminates at a roundabout where it connects to Avenida de las Americas, which in turn connects to Avenida Italia, which runs all the way to Centro. People used to complain all the time about Carrasco’s dilapidated and overcrowded old terminal. In 2009, Carrasco Airport opened a beautiful new terminal and expanded to eight gates (four jetways, four remote parking spots). Unfortunately, to pay for the $134 million terminal, the government sold a lot of bonds backed by a USD $40 ($19 for flights to Buenos Aires) airport fee charged to all departing travelers. Based on where you are from, some airlines already include this fee in the price of the ticket (in the United States it is mandatory), but if your airline did not already charge you the fee, you will be required to go to the airport fee counter (next to the check-in counters) and pay the fee before you can leave the country. You should be able to look at a fare breakdown of your ticket to see if this fee has been included (look for code WU in the tax lines). Buses depart right outside the airport to Terminal Tres Cruces, just north of many major sites downtown (easily walkable to hotels). Airport transfer by bus costs UYU68 (November 2019). Catch any bus that says ‘Montevideo’ just outside the departure doors at the post marked ‘bus’. Once aboard a bus, keep your eye out for the ‘Tres Cruces’ bus terminal if you intend to get off here, because the bus doesn’t actually stop in the terminal, but just outside. If you are heading to/from Punta Carretas take the DM1 bus ( remise Rate from airport to Downtown around UYS 800/950 (Uruguayan Pesos) or USD 40/45 (Us dollars) (, ( airport taxi to the center costs UYU1500 or USD70

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