Monrovia is the capital, and with a population of around 1,000,000, also the largest city in Liberia. The city center is the image of a tropical capital, melting in the hot sun. Monrovia is a low-rise capital on the sea, lined with palm trees and paint-chipped buildings of no more than three stories. The city, however, has a vibrant vibe on the street.To be honest, there is not much to do, see, nor buy in the city center. There are a number of merchants lining the streets, selling used clothes, household wares, and an “interesting” selection of DVDs. There are two large, well-stocked supermarkets in the city center to offer a surprising selection of Western foods. Still, despite its woes, Liberia has the feeling of a country on the ascent. Billboards line the streets, inviting citizens to pay their taxes to make their country stronger and to take pride in their success. It is not clichí to say that Liberians are extremely friendly, so the streets seem alive and peppy.It is incorrect to say that Monrovia has no buildings higher than three stories. There are several buildings in Monrovia that are 8 stories or higher. Examples are the ministries of Finance, Education, Health, Foreign Affairs, the Executive Mansion, Pan African Plaza, Ducor Hotel, several apartments on Tubman Blvd. etc. There are also close to a dozen large supermarkets with a wide selection of food, beverages and just about anything found on supermarket shelves in the west.Brussels Airlines offers flights from Brussels with a stop in Freetown. Royal Air Maroc flies directly from Casablanca.Other options are to Nairobi with Kenya Airways, and to Nigeria with Arik Air. Kenya Airways offers excellent connections to other African destinations as well as the Middle East and several major cities in the Far East, including Bangkok, Hanoi and Hong Kong.Taxis are plentiful and inexpensive but there have been rumors of robberies and pickpocketing in taxis. If you do take a taxi, don’t take a shared taxi but rather hire one just for yourself.Afropolitan. Ready made and tailor-made clothing, home decor items, jewelry and more. For men, women and children. Benson Street (at intersection of Newport Street). Tel: 00-231-886-87-3334.Waterside Market.Ranzeno. Fine men s clothing. Tel: 00-231-6-530-799. Benson Street (Between Randall and Gurley Streets).The Best Jewelry. For high-end African-inspired jewelry. Tel: 00-231-6-513-578. 15th Street and Tubman Blvd, Sinkhor.Little Angels. Children s clothes and supplies. Tel: 00-231-6-699-699. Randall Street, next to Computech.Rima s Fashions. Jewelry. Tel: 00-231-6-239-001. Randall Street.Sorayah Laurice Fashion House. Customixzed tailoring and interior decorating. Tel: 00-231-0-82-78-49. Camp Johnson Road.LIB Electronics. Electronics of all sorts. Tel: 00-231-6-530-057. 195 Broad Street.Aretha. Women s fashions and accessories. Tel: 00-231-6-517-945. Gurley and Benson Streets.Unboxed. Women s shoes. Tel: 00-231-6-698-005. Broad Street.Touba Art Center. Traditional arts and crafts. Tel: 00-231-6-373-939. Next to Cape Hotel on Mambo Point.Picasso. Art. Tel: 00-231-7-7006-666. Randall Street.Fuschia. Arts and crafts. 00-231-6-446-688. Randall Street, across from Stop and Shop Supermarket.Dining options in Monrovia are pretty good, all things considered. Anything other than Lebanese and Liberian tends to be expensive, but there are a few reasonable places.There is a new online food delivery service in Monrovia called, (Benson & Newport Streets, Central Monrovia), 0777270045, . 9am – 9pm Monday – Saturday, 12pm – 6pm Sunday. The website allows you to order food from many of the restaurants below, with free delivery for most restaurants or $3 USD otherwise. (6.316401,-10.809470) editThere are hundreds of “cook shops” serving Liberian fare, but if you’re yearning for something other than spicy sauces and rice, you can try one of the following:The best produce (salad, vegetables, herbs, fruit, squash, etc.) can be found on Benson St., around Newport St. Raw honey is available outside the mosque (you’ll need to strain it). Honey also available from the Nigerian sellers in Rally Time market on UN drive, opposite the Ministry of Defense. There is an excellent strip of butchers on Somalia Drive, near the port, where they slaughter and sell fresh cow, goat, and sheep meat. A butcher shop on Benson St. in town sells meat from these butchers (freshest Wed/Sat).Fresh fish is available in Sinkor just past the Vavoma building (where Sinkor becomes Congo Town), on the beach side of Tubman Blvd. Or call Moses at 0886368158.There are several supermarkets that sell imported (usually American, Lebanese, and some Western European) goods. St. Teresa’s Convent, Randall Streets – the only hostel in the city – beds are $50/night (as of 2013).Luxyry hotel next to the airport. Probably the most modern hotel in Liberia.Careysburg is a town founded by freed slaves in 1859, about 30 minutes from Monrovia. The sleepy city and nearby townships have examples of homes and churches built in the style of the American South, set against a cool, lush landscape. The Quelu and Wulki Farms both offer accommodations with swimming pools and horseback riding.

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