Mesa, population 440,000 (2004 est.), is in Maricopa County. It is Arizona’s third-largest city, and is part of the Greater Phoenix urban complex.Mesa was founded in January 1878 by Mormon (Latter-day Saint or LDS) pioneers and its population is still roughly one-tenth Mormon. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints operates one of its oldest temples in Mesa (the Mesa Arizona Temple), and the city is a hub for Latter-day Saints residing in the Phoenix Metro area. Mesa is one of the United States’ fastest-growing cities, and currently ranks as the 37th-largest. 2006 Census Bureau estimates put the city’s population at 460,155. The city has a larger population than better-known United States cities such as Cleveland, Miami, Minneapolis, Saint Louis, or Saint Paul.Although it has a large population, Mesa is a “bedroom community.” Neighborhoods across the city are diverse some areas have experienced urban blight, while others contain elaborate custom homes.If you happen to be coming from an “Easterly” direction (a.k.a. New Mexico), that means you’ll probably be taking the State 60 highway right through the 17 exits that comprise Mesa, as part of the Greater Phoenix metropolitan area.The Valley Metro Light Rail runs through downtown Mesa (4 new downtown light rail stations opened in Mesa in August 2015), connecting to Tempe and Downtown Phoenix. From Sky Harbor Airport, take the free PHX SkyTrain to the light rail station and head eastbound.Mesa is laid out on a straightforward north-south, east-west grid pattern as regards its major streets. Center Street and Main Street are perpendicular to each other and, as suits their names, intersect in the city center in a manner that provides an excellent reference point and makes city navigation relatively easy.or 6853 E Main Street (Power and Main next to Greenbacks), 480 924 SUBS. Mesa has a fairly high crime rate compared to some other American cities, but most of it is property crime of more concern to residents than to visitors. Anywhere between the US-60 and south of Main Street should be avoided at night, and would serve little interest to any tourists anyway.

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