Travel to Mercedes in Argentina. Mercedes is a village in Corrientes in Argentina. It’s a pretty nondescript town that strictly sticks to siesta. However, to visit Esteros del Ibera and Colonia Carlos Pellegrini it’s the place to get a transport and also organize your stay and activities in Carlos Pellegrini though not necessary.The options to get in are few. There are direct buses from Parana in the South, Corrientes in the North and Paso de los Libres (on the Buenos Aires – Puerto Iguazu line).Cathedral of Our Lady of Mercy – A beautiful church overlooking the Plaza Independencia.Shrine of Gauchito Gil — West of town is the large roadside shrine of the folk saint Gauchito Gil, visited by many pilgrims each year.One Bus Monday to Saturday to Colonia Carlos Pellegrini at 12:30. 30 Pesos (Dec 2013) and about 3 hours on a dirt road. Book in advance at the hostel or the terminal.

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Country: Argentina