Maseru is the capital of and largest city in Lesotho. It is situated on the north western border with South Africa. Although there isn’t a huge deal to see in Maseru, it is well worth stopping here upon entry into Lesotho to stock up before venturing further in (where there are very, very few Western shops).You can get into Maseru by car through the entry point from South Africa.Maseru Bridge Border Post is a drop off point for most South African national coach services, from where you can catch a taxi into Maseru. Being the transport hub of Lesotho, anywhere in Lesotho that’s connected by road to here will have a Minibus taxi service to Maseru. For more information on taxis, see here.Moshoeshoe Airport is located 18km from Maseru. South African Airways operates a couple of daily flights from Maseru to Johannesburg, which typically cost around M2200. Luggage is lost very regularly and there is no lost luggage reporting system. You should arrange taxi pick-up in advance as there are no taxis at the airport. Taxis charge around 100.Mission Aviation flies from the smaller Moeshoeshoe I airport just off Airport Road, 2km from central Maseru. They offer charter flights to amongst other places, Mokhotlong, Thaba-Tseka and Katse and are contactable on +266 2232 5699. Flights are fairly expensive, their little planes can be cramped, but they fly to most airstrips in Lesotho.A map of central Maseru can be found here . Google Maps now have very detailed maps of Maseru and Lesotho.The bus stop on Moeshoeshoe Rd is the main taxi station,but private cabs are available from the price of M20.For information on catching taxis in Lesotho and Maseru, call Comfort Taxis and speak to Khosana on (+266)6274 5199.For information on catching taxis in Lesotho,Moonlight taxis are on (+266) 22312695There is not a huge deal to see in Maseru, as the city is essentially a base for expeditions and travels deeper into Lesotho.Many backpacker types pass through Maseru en route to Semonkong Lodge or Malealea in the mountains, or head to Ladybrand in South Africa. However do not discount Maseru as a budget overnight destination – there are affordable accomodation options, the best of which is probably the Lesotho-Durham link. Many of the budget options fill up quickly, however, so if possible it is advisable to book in advance.The following budget accommodations were built as training centres although they do cater for travellers if you ask in advance!The Pioneer Mall has free WiFi, and it’s actually quite fast (500kb/s if you’re lucky). The best reception is near Rendezvous Cafe and Spur. The mall is generally open until 10pm, and is a quick walk from town.Vodacom also offers 20 min. of free WiFi per day. There is a store on Kingsway, and another in Pioneer Mall. In Maseru, there are several internet cafes, although fairly cheap (usually 0.20-0.50 ZAR per min) they are pretty slow at best. The main internet cafes are:Cellphones are available for hire from various shops in Maseru. If visiting Lesotho (or anywhere in Southern Africa) then bring an unlocked cellphone with you and buy pay-as-you-go SIM cards in each country you stay – a good way of staying connected. Most towns in Lesotho have cellphone coverage.There is a large Post Office on Kingsway. Post is unreliable and can take up to a month to reach its destination, but usually more likely to take a fortnight. Sending a letter by airmail will cost you approx 2.40LSL.In Lesotho:In South Africa:

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