Travel to Longreach in Australia. Longreach is a town in Outback Queensland.Longreach is a town located in the Outback of the Central West of Queensland and is approximately 700 km from the coast, west of Rockhampton. The town is named after the “long reach” of the Thomson River on which it is situated.Longreach was settled in the 1870s and is now the largest town in the Central West. Historically, Longreach is also known for its role with Qantas. The hangar at the airport was the first operational base for an airline which began life in Queensland’s Outback and grew into our first international carrier. It was in this hangar that Australia’s first six aircraft were built between 1922 and 1934. The hangar now houses the Qantas Founders Outback Museum.In Longreach, the streets are named after species of birds, with the streets running east-west named after water birds and those running north-south after land birds.Longreach is the terminus for the Spirit of the Outback train from Brisbane via RockhamptonEagle St stretches southwest from the train station and all the shops are along here, along with several hotels and motels. Other motels stretch 2km east along the highway to the airport, Qantas museum and Stockman’s Hall of Fame – walkable if you can handle the heat.Petrol costs 20c/litre more than on the east coast.The Qantas Founders Museum is located in Longreach. Here you can learn about the history of Qantas (“Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services”). A Boeing 747 and other planes are on display.The main street (Eagle St) has a few cafes, takeaways and bakeries, most of which are not open in the evenings. The pubs on Eagle St also offer meals.Telstra and Optus have mobile reception in town but not Vodafone.

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