Libreville is the largest city in and capital of Gabon.You can get to Libreville by plane with Turkish Airlines (direct flights from Istanbul), Lufthansa, Ethiopian Airlines, Air France, Virgin Nigeria (from Lagos via Douala), Gabon Airlines and Air Gabon International (the brand new -private- Air Gabon). SAA flies direct to/from Johannesburg. On a smaller budget, Royal Air Maroc will do the trick (this includes a change of the aircraft in Casablanca, if you come from Europe or America – this can take up to 8 hrs waiting time, but may save you 300 euros. Cameroon Airlines has ceased to exist.The best way to get around in Libreville if you don’t have a car are taxis. For a trip from point A to B (taxis usually go back and forth on one determined route) the fare is negociated with the driver depending on the distance. Fares will double after 21 hrs. From or to the airport 2000 FCFA, or 4000 after 21 hrs. (1000 FCFA = 1.5 euros, 10 000 FCFA = 15 euros). Taxis are less expensive when shared or for short distances (200 to 500 FCFA). You can usually pay 1000 FCFA in the day or 2000 FCFA to not share the taxi and travel a substancial distance (15-minute drive). The cars are not very secure (broken doors, no seatbelts), but if you insist on careful driving, the chauffers will try to oblige. Mini-buses (similar to taxis) are also available for longer routes.If you can afford it (expensive by European standards), you can rent a car with AVIS. You will not be allowed to leave the town by rented car. Do not expect to arrive at the airport (especially on Sundays and possibly also outside normal business hours (which includes siesta from 12:00 to 15:00)) and find car rental agencies open – pre-arrange! AVIS may be contacted on [email protected] or +241 (1) 74 58 45. While it is reasonably easy by African standards to drive a car yourself in Libreville (provided you know your way around – buy a Gabon guide with maps at the newspaper shop to the right of the international check-in hall), it may not be a very cost-effective solution if you don’t plan on moving around a lot.Libreville’s greatest asset is, probably, the seafront (bord de mer) where people gather daily to relax by the Atlantic Ocean. All along the seafront you will find some Gabonese sculptures (some are 20 feet tall!) looking over the beach. You could also go in Nzeng-ayong to see the Arboretum de Sybang which is a huge tree sanctuary inside Libreville which groups thousands of local species. (But make sure in advance that somebody will be there to open the gate. Once you are inside apply a huge amount of anti mosquito cream on your skin before entering the woods. The people there will remind you – they are very helpful).The centre ville is also a nice area to visit, in which you are able to enjoy the nearby ocean breeze.Libreville is a place where people are very laid back and take things slowly. Don’t worry about time and plans, and enjoy the city. There is not an exhaustive list of things to do. It is a true multicultural town

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