Lankaran, Lenkeran, or Lenkoran is in Azerbaijan’s Talysh Region.40 millimetres (1.6 in) of rainfall, preventing it from being classified as solely humid subtropical or Mediterranean. Lankaran has cool, wet winters and very warm, partially dry/humid summers. The maximum annual precipitation of 1,600 to 1,800 mm, and is the highest precipitation in Azerbaijan.January 2007 Transportation UpdateDue to the large price increase in gasoline, the transportation fares have also increased. Prices posted are updated but may increase again due to high inflation.Until the airport begins operating again, the fastest between Baku and Lankaran is by taxi – it takes about 3.5 hours. Going from Baku to Lankaran costs 10 AZN per seat (4 people). The Lavangi  Avtovagzal (Auto Station) services the transport to/from Baku for taxis, buses, and marshrutka. The Lankaran Avtovagzal # is 0171-45928.The train station is located in the city center. There is an electric and night train service that runs between Baku and Lankaran. The electric train ticket cost around 2.5 AZN and leaves Baku at 8:00AM and returns to Baku at 5:00PM. The night train costs between 3.20-5.40AZN and leaves Baku at 11:30PM and returns at 9:00PM. Buses and marshrutkas depart from Baku’s 20th January terminal every other hour starting at 8. Buses are a comfortable option, but take longer than taxis or marshrutkas. The trip from Baku to Lankaran will take about 5-6 hours via bus and it costs 5 AZN. In Lankaran, buses leave about every hour from the Lavangi  Avtovaqzal outside of the city center. The marshrutkas or minibuses usually departs every hour starting at 8 and cost 5 AZN. It takes 4-5 hours to get to Lankaran from Baku. Taxis are quite convenient if you know where you want to go within the city. Addresses are quite useless, so it would be better to get a landmark that you know of and direct the taxi driver there. It costs 1 manat per ride in a taxi.Intra-City Bus RoutesAll Intra-City buses depart and return from the Big Bazaar in Lankaran city.There are a few historical museums in Lankaran that are both culturally informative as well as historically significant.Old Prison and LighthouseTomb of Seyid KhalifaHouse of Isa KhanPublic Baths (Hamamlar)MosquesChurchesTheater/CinemaAzeri Toys (Weddings)Istisu SanatoriumHirkan National ParkIran BorderYanar BulagBeachesKhazar (Caspian) Lankaran Football StadiumHeydar Aliyev ParkZirva Physical Fitness Center 80, Nizami StreetXanbulan LakeAurora Tea FactoryBallabur CastleGizil Agaj State National ReserveFridaySaturdaySundayGo on an adventure such as a tour of the “pirs” which are mystical holy places that are scattered around the southern region. Go to [] for more details.Stroll through the interconnected outdoor and indoor bazaar for a shopping extravaganza of anything and everything. Exploring and discovering is half the fun!Zanbil is a weaved basket that comes in different sizes. Large baskets are used in bazar shopping. Small baskets can be sometimes used as purses.Talish women traditionally wear colorful clothes (red is a favorite) and Jorab knitted socks are worn in the cold season. Prices range from 1-6 AZN depending on length of the socks.Lankaran is well-known throughout Azerbaijan for producing the best tea in the country. Lankaran Tea is a very popular gift purchase by visitors from Baku and other regions. Tea is sold in 100g and 0.5kg bags and prices range from 8-16 AZN per kilo.Kalosh is a rubber boot that is used by the Talish people in the rainy season.International Bank of AzerbaijanWhen going to restaurants or households in Lankaran, you will probably be offered this dish. This dish is cooked with a special nut and onion stuffing inside. You can also get Fish (Balig) Lavangi.The tendir is a traditional clay oven where this special bread is made. Hot tendir bread with cheese and butter is a real treat. Lavangi chicken is also traditionally cooked in a tendir.In Lankaran, there are many different types of rice dishes by the name of plov. These include dill plov, potato plov, pea plov, and fish plov.Gutab is a crunchy, fried dough with fillings inside. Try it with potato (kartov) or stomach meat (qarin) fillings and make sure to sprinkle lots of sumac spice with its astringent-acidic flavour.Lankaran has a great deal of subtropical foods such as feyhoa, quince, cumquat, pomegranate, lemon, mandarin oranges, and tea. If you have a chance, make sure to try some of these regional foods.This is the best restaurant in Lankaran with great dishes such as Balig (Fish) Lavangi and Entrikot (Lamb Chops). Make sure to ask for prices before ordering to avoid being overcharged.This restaurant is located south of the Heydar Aliyev Park just by the iron-bridge and the Lankaran river.This is a newly-built restaurant that is shaped like a ship. It is in the outskirts of town by the sea and the Olympic Complex. Enjoy the view of the sea while you eat here. This restaurant is next to the library and is very popular with the locals. The city hospital is located north of the city center.You must speak in Azeri, Russian, or Turkish to communicate your needs. It would be a good idea to memorize key phrases before coming to Azerbaijan – see the Talk section for phrasebooks.The Lavangi  Avtovagzal (Auto Station) services the transport to/from Lankaran for taxis, buses, and marshrutka.

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