Travel to La Plata in Argentina. La Plata is the capital city of Buenos Aires Province, the main state of Argentina. It is placed on the “pampa humeda” (wet pampas), 56 kilometres south-east of Buenos Aires city, at 34 55′ south latitude and 57 17′ west longitude.It covers an area of 940.38 km2 and it’s at 9,87 mts. above the sea level.Its weather is mild, with an annual average temperature of 16.3C and an average rainfall of 1023 mm per year. The average humidity is of 77.6% and the predominant southeast winds blow during four months in the year.La Plata was designed around a central axis marked by 51st and 53rd Avenues, the main artery of the city where the main buildings and landmarks are located: the Cathedral, City Hall, Moreno Plaza, the Teatro Argentino, the Provincial Legislature and Government around Plaza San Martin. Its urban design was worked on by Pedro Benoit and his prestigious team, who are among the most distinguished in the world. His basic design was a perfect square, cut in half diagonally and with plazas and parks scattered around the city, grand tree-lined boulevards and a forest right near the center of the city.Buses from Retiro in Buenos Aires leave every 15 minutes (except at night). Details: How to get to and from La Plata (from Buenos Aires)La Plata is an easy city to navigate because of its grid system. You can easily walk from one side of the city to another within 45 minutes.

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