Travel to Kingaroy in Australia. Kingaroy is an agricultural town in the Sunshine Coast hinterland in Queensland.Kingaroy is about a 2.5 hour drive north-west from Brisbane. It is situated on the D’Aguilar and Bunya Highways.Dubbed “The Peanut Capital of Australia”, Kingaroy has much to display about these popular legumes. Dominating the skyline of Haly Street are enormous Peanut Silos and serve as the main attraction. The rich red soil of the land is amazing to see after recent rains, when it contrasts the green of the new growth. The lookout at Mt Wooroolin provides a panoramic view of the town and is only 4km from the CBD.Although one of the greatest activities in Kingaroy is just to laze around and enjoy the small town atmosphere, several annual events are worth a look. Foremost among them is the Wine and Food In The Park Festival held each March. Other annual events include the Kingaroy Show (May)

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