Travel to Karumba in Australia. Karumba is a town in the Gulf Country of Queensland. Karuma is the only place where there is sealed road access to the Gulf of Carpentaria. It is a prawning and fishing town, where you can watch the sun set over the gulf. The settlement of Karumba was previously known as Norman Mouth and Kimberley.The Gulf Savannah is an interesting region to visit all year, however during the monsoon season, transportation methods must be carefully considered, as some parts of the Gulf Savannah region suffer from a lack of road infrastructure. Karumba is situated on the mouth of the Norman River and is the centre of the Gulf’s prawning industry. Surrounding environ is flat wetlands which extend inland for approximately 30 kilometres. Wetlands are a series of meandering saltwater tidal estuaries, habitat for saltwater crocodiles and vast array of bird species, such as pelicans, cyrus cranes, brolgas and black swans.Karumba is 79 kilometres from Normanton on a sealed road. The road can get flooded in wet season.Karumba does not have a sealed airstrip. There are commercial scheduled flights once a week on Regional Express from Brisbane (Tue) and Mt Isa (Thur). This is a 12 month trial commencing 31/10/2017.On entering the town, a right turn takes you to Karumba Point, which has the best accommodation, the beach and some restaurants. Going straight will take you to Karumba Town.A 3.8km walking/cycling path links Karumba to Karumba Point through wetlands filled with birds and ‘roos. It is gravelled but can get muddy in wet season.Fishing charters and river tours are available in dry season.

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