Minibus/Van from Yerevan’s northern bus station. Shared taxi, taxi, care rental.Walk, or grab a cab.The town is very nice to explore on foot. Some cool old Soviet architecture, from the old hotels to the chess house are quite cool. Many old homes are of a very nice traditional style, and the river is quite good aside from the litter. There is even a sculpture park, an old ferris wheel needing repairs, and a semi-abandoned botanic garden. Aside from just exploring a bit on foot, there isn’t much in the way of specific sites. It’s just a pleasant town with some good places to explore in the region.The tourist information office sells some local handicrafts, from wood carving to small carpets. There is also a local wine factory you might be able to visit and pick up some wine from. At the moment the wine factory seems to be colsed.There are a few places in town to get some food, near the market (shuka).Same as the places to eat.Tourist Information office, or city hall.Same options as getting in.

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Country: Armenia