Travel to Hervey Bay in Australia. Hervey Bay is a beachside city located in south east Queensland.The town (population approximately 80,000 and growing fast) is a centre for whale watching. People flock to Hervey Bay every Whale season, which starts late July and goes through to early November. Is is also a gateway to Fraser Island and the southern Great Barrier Reef. It has fantastic weather and consequently draws ‘sea-changers’, backpackers and those who don’t like living in houses. Its offshore protection provides beaches almost free from waves.The large bay is formed by Fraser Island and the coast. Hervey Bay is not so much single town, as a few seaside towns merged along the bay, Urangan, Torquay, Scarness, Pialba, and Point Vernon each have their own shopping precinct, parks and playgrounds. The area has a mild, sub-tropical climate with an average 30 C (86 F) in summer and 23 C (73 F) in winter. The coast is predominantly affected by the south east trade winds which keep a cool breeze throughout the summer.Hervey Bay was discovered by Captain James Cook in 1770 while he was travelling the east coast of Australia.

He wrongly assumed that Fraser Island was joined to the Australian mainland and the sheltered waters behind it were a bay. The waters of the Great Sandy Strait are very shallow and he did not proceed far enough south to find the passage between Fraser Island and the coast. He named the bay “Hervey’s Bay” after Lord Augustus Hervey an admiral of the Blue, the Earl of Bristol and Captain Cook’s boss.It is pronounced Harvey Bay. While the town may have a relaxed feel to it, there has been a growing drugs problem. The police have been trying to crack down on this, as well as drink-driving so be forewarned!Hervey Bay Airport (HVB) airport is around 4km from Urangan, or a few minutes drive. It is only about an hours walk, so it would be possible if you were enthusiastic. It is certainly an easy cycle if you box your bike on the plane. The airport is called the Fraser Coast airport, by some airlines. Shuttles are available from the Airport into town, or as far as Bundaberg.

Taxis from the airport into town cost $20-$30 depending on destination.The airport has an ATM, and a cafe restaurant which is inexpensive compared to those in other airports. The terminal buildings are air-conditioned. There is free wi-fi access and even two free (15min) makeshift foot massage machines. There is no aerobridge access to planes, but most aircraft can be accessed by ramp.About 3-4 hours drive north from the Sunshine Coast, and 4-5 hours drive north from Brisbane.Take the Bruce Highway (driving north from Brisbane) until you reach the town of Gympie, where you take the road to Maryborough.A coach service connects with the Brisbane to Rockhampton tilt train at Maryborough, the closest station. You disembark here and continue the 30 minute journey by bus to the Hervey Bay Transit Centre terminal in Pialba.Coach services running north from Brisbane stop in Hervey Bay.Can rental facilities are easily available. Avis, Hertz, Europcar, Budget all have car rental depots.Hervey Bay Rent A Car. 5 Cunningham Street, Hervey Bay. (07) 4194 6626. Rent small, medium and large vehicles, motor scooters and bicycles. All vehicles are automatic, power steering, and have air conditioning. Short and long term rentals are available.Taxis are available. Call the national 131 008 taxi number for service.There is 18km of waterfront cycleway, starting from Urangan and going to Point Vernon, and there is never a need to cycle on the Esplanade. If you want to make better time, the backstreets tend to be wide, flat and quiet. A bicycle is quite an ideal way to see Hervey Bay, because with the towns spread over about 10km, it is a little far to walk, and a car seems unnecessary. The two bike hire places make prices competitive.The layout of the cycleway should inspire even the most lycra-averse to get on a bike, with possibilities of stopping for coffee, ice-cream, a swim or a beer, every couple of kilometres along the path.There are a number of restaurants and take-away places situated in town and along the Esplanade.

You will have no difficulty finding Thai, Italian, Chinese and Mexican restaurants.There are kiosks, fish and chips, bakeries and cafes located near the beach.Some of Hervey Bay’s pubs are on the Esplanade. The Torquay Hotel, Hoolihan’s, and the Beach House, all of which are across the road from the beach and perfect people-watching locations.There are other pubs on Boat Harbour Drive.Hervey Bay Boat Club is a large club near the marina and Fraser Island ferry wharf.

It serves meals including cut-price lunch specials, and has live music country style.There are many apartments for rent along the Esplanade. The Esplanade is a road that runs along the waterfront, but there are no buildings on the ocean side of the road. All the apartments, motels, etc look over the road, and then a park, and then the water. You have to cross the road to the beach. There are numerous backpackers hostels in the Bay.

The resort tag on the end of the names of hotels and motels in Hervey Bay can be misleading. It seems a small backyard swimming pool is all that is required for a fairly standard motor inn to call itself a resort. Check the facilities and prices carefully, so you know what you are in for.

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