Goranboy is a city in Azerbaijan’s Ganja Regiongoranboy is located in the south west of Azerbaijan.There are 8000 people in goranboy city.It is situated 350 km from Baku.The meaining of goranboy means a place stuated near goran river.Goranboy history has changed much throughout its history. The treaty that divided Azerbaijan was signed in Gulustan villiage of Goranboy. Goranboy is bordered in the north-east by yevlax, in the south-west by Kelbecer, in the north-west by Samux, in the south-east by Terter, and in west by Xanlar region. During the 1930s this district had two cities. They were Goranboy,Delimemmedli and 4 settlements, it also had 79 villages. This region was created on 8 August, 1930 by the new decision by lower Aghjikend by the Azerbaijan SSR centre committee. Then in 1938, with new decision Goranboy s name had changed and was called Qasim Ismayilov , the lower Agcakend region was called Shaumyan village. In 1930 this region was separated from Aghjikend forming the Lower Agcakend. During 1963-1965 parts of Yevlax Region became under the administration of Goranboy. On 12 February in 1991, a new decision was adopted this decision was declared that there was no need for a division of the region in same area. That is why the former region of Shaumyan was eliminated.

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