Travel to Esquel in Argentina. Esquel is a town in Chubut in Argentina. It is 300 km south of Bariloche.Esquel is a growing mountain town that is reasonably wealthy. Population is about 40,000 and the town was founded in 1906. It is located at the north-eastern tip of the “16 de Octubre” Valley, and is the Chubut province largest city on its western side, lying about 10 km west of the backbone Route 40 that runs parallel to the Argentinian Andes. Esquel has a tourist information center which you may want to consult before heading to the park. They do have English speakers. The park also has an information center if the information provided by the folks in Esquel is not adequate.There are a lot of mid-range and high end shops in town selling camping and trekking gear.There are several restaurants and a surprisingly well stocked grocery store in town. Also a medium-sized “La Anonima” supermarket.There are several hostels available in the city, but some are about a 20-30 minute walk from the bus terminal. There are a few small inns scattered about the city.

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