Erfurt is the capital of the German state of Thuringia (Thuringen). It was an important trading town during the Middle Ages, and has many beautiful old buildings and parks.Erfurt lies on two federal motorways:Depending on where you want to go in Erfurt you have several options to take an exit (Abfahrt) that brings you closest to your destination within the city by avoiding driving through the city center.The Erfurt Hauptbahnhof (main train station) is quite large. Numerous ICE and IC trains pass through daily, with direct lines to Berlin, Dusseldorf, Leipzig, Munchen, Dresden and Frankfurt. Regional trains also serve Wurzburg, Kassel and LeipzigSeveral airlines fly from Erfurt to holiday destinations around the Mediterranean and Black Sea. Once arrived, the tram number 4 offers a convenient connection to the city center and the main station in about 25 minutes.The city centre is quite compact so walking is often the best way to explore the city. Regular tram services run all around the city, with service intervals of at least every 10 minutes during most of the day. The trams are less frequent in the evenings. Night buses are available throughout the night to bring you home after midnight. They run once or twice every hour and meet at the very heart of the city centre (Anger) or depart from the main station.Much of Erfurt’s charm is found in its narrow streets, many of which are pedestrianized, with their beautiful old houses, green areas and little bridges across the Gera river and the Stadtpark and the Nordpark on different sides of the city center. Stroll along those streets and enjoy the amazing timebered houses, the baroque façades, the beauty of this small town.In the tourist office you can buy a small guidebook in one of several languages that leads you through the city along the main sights.Shops on the Kramerbrucke offer unique crafts and souvenirs. Around the city centre, along the street Anger, Bahnhofstraae and all the way to the Fischmarkt and Domplatz along Schlasserstraae and Marktstraae you can find almost every apparel shop a Eurpoean heart desires, from H&M over Mango to Zara, Esprit, C&A and many, many more! There are also a few shopping malls and other shopping opportunities spread over the whole city:Be aware: most shops (besides most grocery stores) are only open until 8pm. Sundays all shops and stores are closed! (Exemption: a few Sundays each year are open for sale)The Thuringer Bratwurst (famous sausage) comes from Erfurt, and the city has numerous stalls selling this world-famous delicacy. Be sure to try one!Erfurt has numerous small bars in the city center. When looking for a nice bar to have a drink or two don’t miss to have a look at the Michaelisstraae near Fischmarkt where you can find numerous bars that offer a variety of drinks and snacks. Of course most of the cafes and restaurants mentioned in the “eat and drink” section also offer alcoholic beverages and are open until late. If you intend to go clubbing or dancing, Erfurt can also offer some clubs, most of them are open on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. For budget travelers Erfurt offers a few hostels and low budget hotels or pensions to have a good night sleep for a reasonable price.

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