Mamoudzou is the largest town in Mayotte. It is situated on the North East aspect of the main island of Mayotte (Grand Terre), lying opposite Mayotte’s other island, Petit Terre. The airport for Mayotte is on Petit Terre. To get between the two islands there is a frequent passenger/car ferryDriving a car is “exciting”. The locals tend to bend the rules of the road so caution is necessary at all timesDaily very colorful and bustling marketGo on boat rides into the lagoon to watch dolphins and whales (seasonal).Mamoudzou has no “shopping center” as such but there are a few shops scattered around, along with banks, restaurants, hotels and bars (despite the island being mainly Muslim).Buy charcoal at the market for beach barbecues.

Airport: DZA Dzaoudzi Pamandzi International Airport Cities in Mauritania

Country: Mayotte