Conakry is capital of Guinea and the economic, commercial and trade center for the area.The best air route is via Dakar, Senegal – a 1 hour flight on Air Senegal – on most days of the week. An Emirates service direct from Dubai begins late October 2013. Daily flights to/from Paris on Air France, Twice weekly flights on Brussels Airlines to/from Brussels also exist. You can fly from Freetown to Conakry on Air France three times per week, and Conakry to Monrovia twice per week on Brussels airlinesMinibuses cost 1500 francsAirport to centre about 1hour walk out the airport to the main road flag one down,though don’t run after 6/7The Guinea National Museum, several markets, the Guinea Palais du Peuple, Conakry Grand Mosque (which was built by Ahmed Síkou Tourí), the city’s nightlife and the nearby Iles de Los.The city is noted for its botanical garden. The Polytechnical Institute of Conakry is also located in Conakry.The street numbering scheme of Conakry labels all roads with a two-letter code for the urban district, followed by a three digit number: odd for north-south streets and even for east-west, e.g. KA002 for a northbound street in the Kaloum district.The nightlife starts quite late – just past midnight. Over the past two decades, significant growth in the city has led to overwhelming population density and infrastructure problems. Elections in 2010 led to protests and violent clashes between Guinea s citizens and the military. According to the U.S. Department of State, the worst is over, but there is residual potential for violence.  The State Department further warns that While not specifically targeted, U.S. citizens have been victimized in the past. Motorists traveling outside of Conakry have encountered improvised checkpoint-barricades manned by persons in military uniforms who demand money and search through personal belongings, confiscating items of value. 

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Country: Guinea