Travel to Cloncurry in Australia. Cloncurry is a town in Outback Queensland.The copper mines of Cloncurry quickly made this town one of the most prosperous in the Outback. Down through the years since the copper lode was discovered in 1867, Cloncurry has hosted a plethora of other historic occasions.It was here where the idea for Qantas was first mooted. ‘Conceived in Cloncurry, born in Winton and grew up in Longreach’ goes a local saying. The original hangar still stands at the local aerodrome.The Royal Flying Doctor Service was also launched in Cloncurry. Visit John Flynn Place to get an insight into the story of this iconic outback service.Known as the ‘Friendly Heart of the Great North West’, the town now services the sheep and cattle properties in the surrounding district and is an important sales centre for sheep, cattle and horses.Cloncurry is on the Barkley Highway between Townsville and Mount Isa, around 120km from Mount Isa.By train, The Inlander passes through Cloncurry twice a week.Cloncurry doesn’t have much of a main street, with not much around except a bakery (not open evenings) and some sort of fish place. You might be stuck with pub food (there are several pubs on Scarr St) or the motel restaurants (mainly on Ramsay St).There are many motels on the highway, some pubs on Scarr St and some caravan parks. Demand from mining leads to high prices.

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