Travel to Charleville in Australia. Charleville is a town in South Western Queensland. It is part of Murweh Shire. . With over 20 things to see and do why would you go past this great little outback town. Charleville has a range of accommodation and attractions.Qantas operates daily from Brisbane and Skytrans fly to Charleville twice a week from Brisbane and Birdsville. Charleville Airport is around 4km from the town centre.The Queensland Rail Westlander makes two trips a week from Brisbane Roma Street Station via Toowoomba and Roma. The trip each way runs overnight and takes around 18 hours. First and second class sleepers and upright seats are available on the train. The train has a buffet car with a small bar seating area. The trip is usually quiet enough that most passengers can comfortably sit around the bar in the evening. The fares are usually a little cheaper than flying, and there are half-price fares for children.Charleville is at the junction of the Mitchell and Warrego Highways. It is around around 750km from Brisbane along the Warrego, and around 1200km to Sydney via the Mitchell Highway. Both routes are sealed.Travelling from NSW & Victoria?- The Kidman Way (in NSW) connects to the Matilda Way (Mitchell Highway)Greyhound has a daily coach service to Charleville from Brisbane and Toowoomba and a daily service from Longreach.There is no public transport in Charleville.Budget and Avis are the only two car rental agencies in town. They ship the cars in, so it is essential to reserve your car before arriving in town. Budget are based at the airport, but the Avis depot is at the real estate agent on the town main street. They will meet you at the airport on request.There are taxis which charge $9 flat fee to take you anywhere in town, more to go out to the Cosmos Centre or the airport.Charleville Taxis operate a 3-day touring program during the tourist season (April to October) called Cruisin’ Charleville. The tours operate Wednesday to Friday and are inclusive of accommodation. Bookings can be made with the Visitor Information Centre on +61 7 4654-7771.The blocks in Charleville are large. It is possible to walk to all the attractions, but attractions like the Cosmos Centre, Royal Flying Doctor and Bilby Centre could take 30-45 minutes, which can seem like a long way in the heat. A car would certainly come in handy to see the town.Charleville is a major service centre for the region. There are supermarkets, hardware, and clothing stores. The town will be pretty deserted after 5pm but the supermarkets are open until 7pm on weekdays (4pm on weekends).Most of the pubs in Charleville do evening meals. There are two bakeries serving cakes, pies etc. There are two roadhouses, and other takeaway places. There is a chinese restaurant and a thai restaurant.There are several pubs and a club in Charleville.There is mobile reception for the Telstra and Optus networks in Charleville. There is no reception for Vodafone.

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