Cayenne is the largest city in and capital of French Guiana.French Guiana’s main international port of entry is the Cayenne-Felix Ebouí Airport (CAY), (formerly known as Rochambeau Airport), with daily flights mainly to the French Caribbean and mainland France. Weekly flights to Fortaleza (Brazil) and Belím (Brazil) are also available with Azul Linhas Aíreas. Note that French Guiana has some different visa policies and some nationalities (Including the Brazilian one) must have a visa prior to arrival.Coming from Oiapoque in Brazil, minivans wait by the docks in St-Georges for the 3 hour journey to Cayenne (35 as of Jan 2020). If the minivan drivers are demanding beyond this, your boatman may be able to help you arrange a ride in a private car for the same price

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