Calgary , Alberta’s largest city, is situated where the prairies end and the foothills begin. As such, it is the eastern gateway to the Rocky Mountains and an important centre of trade and tourism for the western prairies. It is your most likely point of access for Banff and Jasper, and a worthwhile destination in its own right. Calgary is the heart of the largest metropolitan area between Toronto and Vancouver, with over 1,239,220 people as of 2016, making it Canada’s fourth largest metropolitan area.Calgary is divided into four quadrants: Northeast (NE), Northwest (NW), Southeast (SE) and Southwest (SW). The dividing line between east and west is Centre Street in the north, and roughly Macleod Trail in the south. The dividing line between north and south is generally the Bow River in the west, and Centre Avenue and Memorial Drive (from 36 Street) in the east. Addresses proceed outwards from the center of the city

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