Travel to Busselton in Australia. Busselton is a town on Geographe Bay in the South West region of Western AustraliaBusselton is under 3 hours drive from Perth, and under an hour from Bunbury.TransWA connect with the Bunbury Train. South West Coaches have scheduled services to Bunbury with onward connections to Perth.There is an airport and terminal, but no commercial scheduled services. Some charter flights operate for weekends away at the Margaret River.You can walk from the pier and the beach to town, they are around 200m apart.Busselton has a local bus service, stretching as far south as the Margaret River region, as as far north as Bunbury.There used to be a train service along the length of the Jetty, but the service has not run since 2005. It is scheduled to reopen at some stage with the repair of the jetty underway.Busselton Jetty The most famous feature of Busselton is the pier. It is wooden, and very long. The pier has an underwater observatory near the end, and a museum and information centre near the beginning.You can also dive the busselton jetty and it is one of the best jetty dives in australia. there is a great dive centre operating at the end of the jetty which offer courses and tours. they also offer DSD discover dives which you dont need any qualifications for just turn up and go, and also helmet diving which is even easier you dont need to swim or get your head wet and you walk around under water, so cool. book through the Facebook pageArt The local ArtGeo Complex runs various art exhibitions throughout the year. Showcases local arts and crafts. It is located in town, easy walking distance to the jetty. Historical sites there are a couple of historical sites within town (ArtGeo Complex is within the original Court House

Airport: BQB Busselton Regional Airport Cities in Australia

Country: Australia