Travel to Burnie in Australia. Burnie is the fourth largest city in Tasmania, Australia, with a population around 20,000. The city is emerging from its industrial past with a more diversified economy and a greater focus on tourism, food, manufacture and education. It is one of very few Australian communities with a north-facing sea frontage. It has one of the highest number of eateries per-capita in Tasmania. It is centrally located on the North West Coast, making it a convenient base for day trips to the Tarkine, Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park and the coastal hinterlands. Regional Express flys into Burnie Airport from Melbourne up to 6 times a day. Burnie Airport is located in the nearby town of Wynyard.Rental cars are available at the airport, as are taxis and a shuttle bus to Burnie. Alternatively, the nearby city of Devonport has an airport 54km (33 miles) to the east of Burnie. Devonport Airport is served by Qantaslink, connecting with other flights at the Tullamarine Airport in Melbourne.Burnie is located on the Bass Highway, which is part of the National Highway No 1.The highway is of a high standard with 4 lanes between Burnie and Devonport and varies between 2 and 4 lanes between Devonport, Launceston and Hobart.Travelers arriving from Victoria or mainland Australia, arriving on the ferry Spirit of Tasmania, berthing in Devonport, can drive west 46km (28 miles) to Burnie – Approx 30 min.Metro Tasmania operates scheduled bus services in the Burnie area, as well as services to Wynyard, Somerset, Penguin and Ulverstone. Timetable is available here:

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