Travel to Broome in Australia. Broome is a historical pearling town situated in the Kimberley region in Western Australia. It is a well developed tourist destination, popular with Australians, in the dry season (from May to September).In the dry months the weather is ideal. It has sunny days with temperatures around 30C and balmy evenings and nights when the temperature fall to the low twenties.The town is situated on the Indian Ocean and the main beach, Cable Beach, is a beautiful expanse of golden sand.The sunsets on Cable Beach are magnificent and can be enjoyed on the beach or from one of the restaurants on the esplanade.The population of the town expands from about 12,000 in the wet to a high of about 30,000 at the height of the tourist season. The camping grounds are booked out pretty early and accommodation can be hard to find at the height of the season.The town has an interesting history based around the exploits of the men and women who developed the pearling industry, starting with the harvesting of oysters for mother of pearl in the 1880s to the current major cultured pearl farming enterprises. The riches from the pearl beds did not come cheap and the town’s Japanese cemetery is the resting place of more than 900 Japanese divers who lost their lives working in the industry. Cable Beach, the Downtown, and Chinatown are separate from each other. Walking between each place can take a while (half an hour of more) and the heat can sometimes be extreme, depending on what time of the year it is.-Ride camels at sunset at Cable Beach.-Visit Broome Bird Observatory – the Broome area boasts a list of around 300 bird species, the most famous being the migratory waders that visit Roebuck Bay over the summer and then depart for Siberia to breed during the southern hemisphere winter.Its a longer way to just about anywhere from Broome, and often not that much there when you get there.Attractions within a day’s round trip include:

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