Travel to Broken Hill in Australia. Broken Hill is an historic mining city in the Far West (Outback) of the Australian state of New South Wales. Broken Hill was founded on mining the world’s largest silver, lead and zinc deposit in 1883, and the locals have been busy digging ever since. Australia’s (and the world’s) largest mining concern BHP Billiton had its origins here when it was called “Broken Hill Proprietary”. Whilst mining has declined relatively in recent years, it still plays an important role with most of the tourist attractions being associated with the mines.

The other main reason to visit Broken Hill is for the artists, Pro Hart being the most famous, who called the city home. The city has many galleries all worth visiting, with spectacular open air Sculptures set in the wide landscape just north of the city at the Sculpture Symposium. All inspired by and set in that other great attraction, the vastness of the Australian Outback.Movie Buffs will delight in spotting the settings featured in countless movies shot here, including Mad Max (The Road Warrior in the U.S.A), Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Dirty Deeds, the eponymous Broken Hill (starring two Americans as Aussies) and Race the Sun.Whilst you are here you can also take in oddities like Bell’s Cafe, the giant “Big Picture” canvas diorama of the outback and the so-called ‘Battle of Broken Hill’ in 1915 when two disgruntled Afghans attacked a local picnic train. Broken Hill fascinates the visitor with its history, setting and artistic flowering in the remoteness of central Australla.Broken Hill and Silverton operate on Central Standard Time (CST) half an hour behind EST. All other towns in the region operate on Eastern Standard Time (EST).Broken Hill Visitor Information Centre, Cnr. Blende and Bromide Streets, (08 8080 3560) ([email protected]), . 09:00 to 17:00.  editIt is 1,150 km of mostly long straight drive from Sydney to Broken Hill, and just over 500 km from Adelaide. Both roads are mostly good quality sealed roads. The scenery will change slowly along the way. Broken Hill is on the edge of the real outback, but is easily accessible by car.Countrylink runs the ‘Outback Explorer’, a weekly direct train service from Sydney to Broken Hill. Monday Sydney 06:20 to Broken Hill 19:10. Travelling via Lithgow, Bathurst, Parkes and Ivanhoe. Travel time is 12.5 hr (Broken Hill is on CST – half an hour behind Sydney).Tuesday Broken Hill 07:45 to Sydney 21:48. Countrylink also runs a daily train from Sydney to Dubbo then a bus from Dubbo to Broken Hill. Daily Train: Sydney 07:10 to Dubbo 13:40, Bus: Dubbo 14:15 via Cobar to Broken Hill 22:45.Daily Bus: Broken Hill 03:45 via Cobar to Dubbo 13:25, Train: Dubbo 14:10 to Sydney 20:49.The bus takes a half hour coffee break in Cobar.Indian Pacific runs a luxury train via Broken Hill twice a week. Tours of the town are available while the train is stopped at Broken Hill for passengers travelling the Indian Pacific between Sydney and Adelaide/Perth. Sydney Wed 14:55 to Broken Hill Thurs 06:30Broken Hill Tues 18:50 to Sydney Wed 10:15Additional Services Operate Sep to Oct 2013Sydney Sat 14:55 to Broken Hill Sun 06:40Broken Hill Sun 18:30 to Sydney Mon 10:15It is not possible to take cars to Broken Hill by train. The only drop-off/collection points are in Sydney and Adelaide.Broken Hill train station is one block from the main shopping strip and walking distance to some accommodation. Taxis are available at the station to meet the trains.Regional Express has direct services from Sydney, Adelaide, Dubbo, and Mildura. The Sydney service can either be direct (one return flight per day) or with a stop over in Dubbo. Essentially there are two flights per day from Sydney to Broken Hill however they book out quickly. The Adelaide service is a direct flight with two to three return flights per day. The Mildura service is also direct, with two flights per day. No other commercial airlines fly to Broken Hill. Flights take 1.5 hrs to Dubbo, 3 hrs to Sydney and 1.25hrs to Adelaide and Mildura.Taxis are available at the airport, 5km into the town centre. Ask the flight attendant to arrange for a taxi pickup.Buses R Us travel three times per week between Adelaide (7hrs), Mildura (4hrs) and Broken Hill.Tue – Fri Adelaide 16:00 to Broken Hill 23:10 (The Sunday service is under review subject to numbers) Adult $105 Concession/Child $95Wed – Sat Broken Hill 07:30 to Adelaide 23:10 (The Monday service is under review subject to numbers)Wed & Fri Mildura 15:10 to Broken Hill 18:45 Adult $84.00 Concession/Child $76Wed & Fri Broken Hill 07:00 to Mildura 11:00Connects at the Mildura Railway Station with the Greyhound bus to Sydney and V/Line to MelbourneGreyhound (formerly McCafferty)) no longer offer a service to Broken Hill from Adelaide and V/Line only offers a service between Mildura and Melbourne. Countrylink (see ‘By Train’ above) runs a bus (8.5/9.5hrs) connecting with the Sydney train at Dubbo.Daily Dubbo 14:15 via Cobar to Broken Hill 22:45Daily Broken Hill 03:45 via Cobar to Dubbo 13:25Walk Most of Broken Hill’s sights are within walking distance of the Town Centre but some lie further out and in Summer the heat can be a big disincentive to hoofing it.Murton’s Citybus runs 4 color coded routes around Broken Hill: North (Yellow), South (Red), Hillside (Blue) and Thomas (Green) between 0800 and 1730 hrs. All routes pass through the City Terminus in Argent St near the Train Station.Coach tours and Taxis are available. You will need a car to see the town and surroundings independently. This poses problems for the adventurous. Rental cars in the city often charge a premium for travelling further than 100-200 km, which is easy to do. After that, the rate is generally 25 cents a kilometre. Driving on unsealed roads is only allowed if you hire a four-wheel drive

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