Bridgetown is the capital of Barbados, the eastern most island of the Caribbean. Bridgetown is the only city on Barbados and well over half the island’s residents live there. Bridgetown is the port of call for many cruise ships and is known for its duty-free shopping as much as for its more cultural and historical attractions.This article covers everything in Bridgetown itself and also the rest of St Michael Parish.Bridgetown is the hub for the island’s cheap and convenient buses. Buses from the south arrive at the Bus Terminal near the city center and buses from the north and center arrive at the bus terminal near Cheapside Market to the north of city center. Note that southern buses arrive outside the terminal, but you have to go into the terminal (entrance just around the corner near the bridge) to catch departing buses. Most of the Bridgetown sites are in easy walking distance of city center. City buses run to many of the outlaying sights, such as the Savanna Green. For sights off the main roads, such as the Malibu Rum Factory, a taxi or private car is your best option. See the Getting Around section of Barbados for more about transportation options.There are also submarine and catamaran cruises. See Barbados#Do.See also discussion of same topic for Barbados.There is little accommodation in Bridgetown itself. Most visitors stay either in one of the small towns in Southern Barbados or at one of the resorts near Speightstown and Holetown on the west coast.Crane Beach Resort. Absolute heavenEvery beach and every major town is only a B$2 minibus ride away. When going north up the west coast, leave from the north station. When going east along the south coast, leave from the south station. From either station, just ask any driver how to get to your destination and they’ll make sure you get on the right minibus.

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