Bissau is the largest city in and capital of Guinea-Bissau.There are direct flights Lisbon-Bissau with TAP . Senegal Airlines also flies from Dakar .TACV have four flights each week from Dakar to Bissau, returning to Dakar the same day. These flights are not an example of punctuality and it is a good idea to check with the TACV office in Bissau (Av. Amilcar Cabral 8B, tel. 206087) before you head to the airport.A sept-place (7-seat shared taxi) from Ziguinchor, Senegal costs CFA$4,000. Additional CFA$1,000 for a normal sized bag. The trip takes 2.5 to 3 hours depending on border formalities..Shared taxis are cheap and plentiful. Stop taxis and tell them where you want to go (or tell the passing taxis by pointing), and they will either accept “na bai” (I’m going), or decline “nao” (no) if people, already in the taxi, are going to another part of the city. Prices are more or less fixed, and you’ll normally not get cheated, except when you’re an obvious foreigner and taking a taxi from the airport or Hotel Bissau Palace.Group travel is cheaper, for example:1 person 300 FCFA, 2 persons 300 FCFA, 3 or 4 persons 600 FCFAThere are also minibuses “toca-tocas” going on fixed routes, you’ll pay 100 FCFA a person for the ride, but the buses are often very crowded!There are quite a few discos and nightclubs, the most popular among expats are X-Klub . and Insmonia, both have pool tables and a dance floorDiscos include Sabura, Bambu, Sonhos, Orio etc.Hotels in Bissau are generally overpriced. There’s hope that prices will lower as new hotels are about to open.Guinea Bissaus main hospital is Hospital Nacional Simao Mendes … But if you really need to go to the hospital, probably you should try and get your insurance company to pay for you at least going to Dakar. Pharmacies are on every street corner in Bissau, pharmacies Rama (there are three), Rina and Amilcar Cabral are usually well-stocked and the indian owners speak english.Ilheu do Rei – a nice get-away for a picnic if you’re in Bissau on a longer term. Go to Porto Canoa (behind Mavegro and the cemetery) and ask around for a canoa to take you to the island, it takes about 10 minutes and you should not pay much for the return ticket (1000 FCFA?). Once there, check out the abandoned peanut oil factory, and continue through the little village down to a little “beach” (ask people where it is), from where you can turn left and walk along the coast, if you don’t mind climbing a little over trees and rocks. For once there is no mangrove, so you can actually get the feeling of strolling along the coast.Volta de Bissau Starting at the Porto Canoa, this track goes around Bissau, passing rice fields and small suburbs, the big cemetery in Antula, Sao Paulo etc, and eventually you’ll end up at the airport road close to Hotel Bissau Palace. A nice sunday walk, some 4 hours, not all stretches are suitable for vehicles.Hotel Marazul , in Quinhamel. Makes a fine daytrip for swimming and lunch, and maybe a fishing trip. In the town of Quinhamel there’s also an interesting weavery, “Artissal” , producing handwoven textiles.Hotel Rural de Uaque is also recommendable, if you need to escape from Bissau for a day, swim and relax.Praia Suro in Prabis is the Guineans favorite weekend get-away in the dry season. The beach is a bit muddy, but there’s always good ambient with music, people dancing, barbecuing, playing football and swimming. Just follow Estrada de Bor out of Bissau, continue when it turns into a dirt road, and eventually you’ll reach the beach (might be a two-hour drive).Saltinho Waterfall – A pleasant little waterfall located just under the bridge where the main road to southern Guinea-Bissau crosses the Rio Corubal. There is a hotel “Pousada do Saltinho” overlooking the waterfalls, with decent rooms (FCFA 20.000) and meals. Many Portuguese hunters and fishermen stay there. About three hours drive from Bissau.

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