Travel to Bicheno in Australia. Bicheno is a town in Northeast Tasmania.Bicheno, just north of the Freycinet Peninsula on Tasmania s stunning east coast, is known for its laid-back lifestyle and outdoor activities.More than 700 people live in the town, and water is its lifeblood. Crayfish, abalone and Australian salmon are often brought ashore with the daily fishing catch.Formerly known as Waubs Boat Harbour, Bicheno was established as a whaling centre in 1803. The town was named after James Ebenezer Bicheno and expanded in 1854 with the discovery of coal in the Denison River.Bicheno has mild weather, with an average maximum of 21 degrees Celsius (70 degrees Fahrenheit) in January and 14.5 degrees Celsius (48 degrees Fahrenheit) in June.The town is 182 kilometres (113 miles) north east of Hobart via the Tasman Highway.Bicheno is on the Tasman Highway. North from Hobart, take the signposted turn at Campbell Town if coming from Launceston or Devonport.There is a daily bus from Hobart to Bicheno.There is a waterfront track all the way from Diamond Island, past the Gulch, and up to the blowhole. Probably over an hour to walk from end to end.There is a cycleway from town out to Diamond Island, and the beach.Of course, you can drive anywhere you want to go as well. Careful of penguins on the road after dark, particularly around the Diamond Resort section of the Tasman highway.Be nice to penguinsStay still, don’t shine a torch on the them or use flash photography. They have their route from the beach, and will stop or retreat if you are in their way. Back off to the side slowly. Control children.Food is available at the one of two cafes, the bakery, the pub, or the winery. There is also a French/Australian restaurant on the main street. The local seafood speciality is what the locals call crayfish, but is actually southern rock lobster. Caught locally.Many of the hotels, motels and resorts have restaurants. The IGA supermarket has some ready to eat meals but closes at 6:30pm.There is a pub, with water views, on the high (western) side of the Tasman Highway.Only Telstra offers mobile service in Bicheno.Internet access is available at the pancake restaurant in the middle of town, or there is a paid WiFi hotspot at the motel at the end of the main street (White Dog cafe).

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